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Bob's HRS Philosophy

Over the past decade I began to conceive the idea for developing an innovative and unique center for the treatment of addiction. The success that I have experienced working with addicts and their loved ones can be attributed to my knack for communicating with people from a genuine place of compassion and understanding. As an addict myself, having gone to 24 treatment centers across America, I realized that what helped me achieve sobriety the most in March of ’96 were the countless people I met in treatment centers, detoxification units and 12 step meetings. Although I agree that the safety, containment, repetition and structure of an in patient treatment center were helpful, I inevitably always returned to my home environment and in a matter of days, weeks, or months… returning to my old ways of life as well: drinking, using drugs and destroying myself and the lives of the people around me.

After, I had intellectualized Terry Gorski's Living Sober and Dr. Drew Pinsky’s lecture on the biological aspects of addiction, my desire to get high would always override my intellect.

The combination of maintaining my own personal sobriety for over 13 years and the vast experience that I have accumulated working in the addiction treatment field has provided me with the opportunity to practice what I truly believe to be the defining features of real and affective addiction treatment: genuineness, authenticity, compassion and understanding. These are the core beliefs that serve as the foundation of Hollywood Recovery Services and define our unique approach to the treatment of addiction.

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Co-Founder: Bob Forrest
Bob Forrest has been working in the recovery field for over 10 years. He was a founding board member of the Musicians Assistance Program (MAP). After spending five years working with Dr. Drew Pinsky as Dependency Program Director at Las Encinas Hospital, Bob has ventured out on his own, launching Hollywood Counseling Services...
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Co-Founder: Shelly Sprague
Shelly Sprague, perhaps best known as the no-nonsense resident technician on VH1's Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, or occasional chemical dependency expert for KCBS News, is herself a recovering addict. Her life in sobriety is defined by her dedication to helping others avoid or escape the same plight. On and off-screen, she wins the respect of her patients by her sincerity and candor... read more about Shelly...
I have been blessed to have worked closely with Shelly and Bob. In my opinion they are two of the most singularly talented professionals working in the field of addiction treatment. Their ability to reach the addict who may be closed off to everyone in their lives and motivation change saves lives.
- Drew Pinsky MD

    People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction are often in denial of the severity of their illness and the tremendous impact that it is has on their lives and the lives of the people around them. A professional intervention, a guided process by which family, friends and a trained professional lovingly confront the addict and their disease, can be highly effective in engaging the patient into treatment... see Services...

    Assessment and Referral
    One of the most important aspects of truly effective addiction treatment is a proper assessment by a qualified professional. Hollywood Recovery Services understands that every person is unique in their symptoms and circumstances and requires specialized planning in their addiction treatment... see Services...